Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform Review

Let’s review the i-Box Speed Bag Platform from Balazs Boxing.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Plaform Review
This is the best speed bag platform for your home or garage. Why? It’s robust, stable, and is 12" height adjustable. It’s also made in the USA. But it just works too.

Here’s the items we are covering in this review:

Balazs Boxing i-Box Speed Bag Platform Best platform you can buy for your garage or home? It's the Balazs Boxing i-Box Speed Bag platform. This beefy unit is super solid and height adjustable. This is a notch above cheaper, light-weight speed bag platform.

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Let’s review this speed bag platform.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform Review – YouTube

Words can’t do a speed bag platform justice – you’ve got to see it – so here’s our review on our YouTube channel:

Want to see more?

We also used the i-Box platform for our Title Lightning Fast Super Swivel review:

Let’s now focus on the details…

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform Review – Overview

Let’s talk about what makes this unit great.

First of all, a speed bag platform’s reason for existence is to support the drum – the part that the speed bag rebounds against.

Balazs Boxing iBox Speed Bag Platform Review - Drum
The drum is the part the speed bag rebounds against – and it’s the most important part of the platform. The standard drum is 24" in diameter and 1 1/4" thick – NICE!

The i-Box has a 24″ diameter drum made from high-density manufactured wood.

That’s a great size, because you can accommodate just about any size speed bag – and you have plenty of room on the backside for “Speed Bag Bible” style punching (where you punch from all sides of the bag).

The drum has a semi-gloss finish, holds up well over time, and is 1 1/4″ thick.

There’s also an option to upgrade the drum to a maple unit – if you desire.

Secondly, this unit is height adjustable.

This is a critical and sometimes overlooked factor in a speed bag platform.

If you are going to be punching different size bags you need to be able to adjust the height up or down.

The adjustment knob on the Everlast Speed Bag Platform
There are four star-shaped knobs that let you loosen and tighten the platform. The range of motion is continuous – you are not limited to fixed increments of height.

The i-Box has 12″ of vertical adjustment range. And that’s a continuous adjustment – raise or lower precisely where you want it to be.

These platforms use a star shaped knob – and it’s very easy to adjust.

The swivel that comes with the unit is middle of the road – to be honest.

It’s big and long (and therefore slow) and it’s noisy.

Having said all that, that is the easiest part to upgrade.

Check out some of our swivel reviews for ideas.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform Review – Assembly

What’s in the box?

i-Box Speed Bag Platform Assembly
The Balazs i-Box unit comes with the drum, v-frame, rails, and all the miscellaneous hardware needed to put it together and hang it.

Balazs Boxing i-Box SBP review - Drum
The drum is made from high-density manufactured wood. It’s very nice – and it is pre-drilled for the V-frame support and the swivel.

Everything you need to get started – except for a speed bag.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform SBP swivel
The platform comes with a decent u-bolt style speed bag swivel. It’s good for beginners, but it is noisy and advanced punchers will probably want to upgrade to something else.

Assembly is easy – anyone can do it with simple hand tools.

Hanging on the wall is definitely a 2 person job.

This is one thick, beefy unit – so it is heavy.

Balazs Boxing iBox Speed Bag Platform SBP review
This platform is made from 11 gauge steel tubing – it’s thick and heavy – which makes it super-stable. The very thick powdercoating is excellent also.

Check out the part that supports the drum – it’s THICK and SOLID.

Balazs Boxing i-Box Speed Bag Platform in Knockout Red
Balazs Boxing i-Box Speed Bag Platform in Knockout Red – the v-frame support for the drum is monster sized 11 gauge steel tubing

Balazs Boxing SBP review
Made in the USA

The adjustable part of the platform (the base of the V frame) is 9″ in height.

Balazs i-Box Platform V-Frame Base Measurement
Balazs i-Box Platform V-Frame Base Measurement. It’s 9"

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform – Durability

How does it hold up over time?

This is a photo of a 10 year old i-Box – and the swivel has been changed out A LOT.

i-box SBP durability
This platform is 10 years old – and has seen a lot of swivel changes. That’s why there are so many screw holes in the drum.

As you can see the drum has held up well.

My only real complaint about the i-Box – if you change swivels frequently, you’ll eventually have to drill more holes.

But, most people stick with a single swivel.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform Versus Everlast Speed Bag Platform

Everlast sells a speed bag platform (formerly called the “elite speed bag platform”) that is eerily similar to the i-Box.

What’s the difference? About $20.,/p>

V-shaped frame of the Everlast Speed Bag Platform
The Everlast Speed Bag Platform is actually an i-Box with a different logo on it. Both made by Balazs!

They are actually one and the same – made by Balazs in their Honeybrook, PA facility.

You can usually find the i-Box for slightly cheaper.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform Review – In Summary

This is not a bare-bones, budget speed bag platform.

But if you are serious about speed bag punching – this is the platform I’d recommend for your home or garage.

It is a quantum leap beyond the cheap units – and it is nearly pro level quality – for a great price.

Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Plaform Review
Balazs i-Box SBP is pro level quality at a bargain price. I’ve used one for over 10 years – and I now own many of them. It’s that good.

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Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Plaform Review
Balazs Boxing i-Box Speed Bag Platform in Knockout Red

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i-Box Speed Bag Platform Review - Parts
Balazs Boxing i-Box Speed Bag Platform in Knockout Red


  1. Hi, I was wondering the distance from the top of the wall plate (not bracket but actual play connected to platform, to the bottom of the “v” bracket where the drum is connected.


  2. Any noticeable difference between the two different styles of wall mounts with the Balazs I-Box (flat/knobs on front) and the Everlast Pro speed bag platform (angle bracket/ knobs on side) or anything like that?

    Obviously the Everlast Pro is a more expensive option so probably better quality, I’m more curious about the difference if the two styles, like does one provide better vibration control or is one more sturdy?


    • The only real difference, in my opinion, is the fact that the drum is significantly bigger on the Everlast Pro model. The frame and other parts of the i-Box are more than adequate.

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