Everlast Professional Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Review

The Everlast Professional Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is an excellent speed bag platform for your home.

It is sturdy thanks to the beefy steel construction and has a 30″ drum.

That big drum will work with all kinds of speed bag sizes – and the unit is height adjustable too – which is necessary to ensure the bag is at the right height.

For full details, check out our review from the YouTube channel:

What gear is on display? Here are the details.

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Everlast Professional Adjustable Speed Bag Platform – Overview

Everlast Professional Adjustable Speed Bag Platform — Specs

Here’s the relevant specifications for this platform.

Drum Diameter 24″ (1 3/4″ thick) wood
Adjustable Height? Yes, 12″ of adjustability
Weight xx lbs.

Arc Swivel

Let’s take a closer look at the Arc swivel used in the video review.

These are small batch created by a speed bag enthusiast.

Arc Swivel - Ball Hook Style Speed Bag Swivel
The Arc swivel is a small-batch, enthusiast created swivel. It is quiet, easy to change bags – and most importantly the hook is mounted on a ball socket – which means you can punch the bag from any angle and get a proper rebound consistently.

Why? Because it’s hard to find commercial “ball hook” swivels nowadays.

The key features of the ball hook swivel are a ball and a hook – and this combination lets you attach a bag – and strike the bag from any angle and still get a proper rebound.

When punching from the sides and angles other than the front/back a ball hook swivel makes for a much more consistent punching experience.

Being made mostly from plastic, this is also an exceptionally quiet swivel – there is no metal on metal contact.

This means you hear the bag beat rhythm rather than a clanking (or squeaking) metal swivel.

Arc Swivel with Speed Bag
Arc swivel with speed bag. There’s no metal on metal contact – all you hear is the drum beat of the bag rebounding off the drum.

The other key feature of this swivel is the innovative tri-hook – it’s made from a flexible material and has a keeper metal ring – it’s very, very easy to quickly and easily change speed bags with this swivel.

Arc Swivel - Tri-Hook
This triangular hook is created from a flexible material – but it has the keeper ring to ensure the bag doesn’t come off. This works very, very well in practice – and it is a breeze to change speed bags quickly.

(This matters if you punch a lot of different speed bags.)

Everlast Professional Adjustable Speed Bag Platform – – Professional Swivel

This unit comes with a swivel too – an Everlast Professional unit.

This is a beefy, tall U-bolt style swivel.

Everlast Pro Swivel with Cotter Pin Closeup
The swivel that comes with the Everlast Elite Speed Bag Platform kit is what is known as a U-bolt style of swivel. There’s also a cotter pin to keep everything together.

It’s great for punching from the front of the bag (or the back), but as with all u-bolt swivels, it’s not the best option for punching from the sides.

There’s a bit too much mass in it that has to rotate when you hit from the sides – and that can cause quite a bit of inconsistency.

Everlast Pro Swivel with Cotter Pin with Speed Bag
Here’s a Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag on the u-bolt swivel. This is a fast, easy to punch combination – and the bag is secured very well – there’s no chance it’s coming off the bolt.

The 2nd factor with this swivel – once you get the speed bag on it – it’s not coming off.

That’s good while we’re punching, but it also makes it challenging to swap speed bags – you’ll need a small set of pliers to work with that cotter pin – especially when your hands are sweaty.

Everlast Pro Swivel with Cotter Pin - Closeup of Cotter Pin
Close-up of the cotter pin. This holds the u-bolt on securely, but makes it difficult to swap speed bags without a pair of pliers.

Overall it’s a nice piece and gives you everything you need out of the box to get started (except for a speed bag).

You can always upgrade the swivel later if you need to.

Everlast Professional Adjustable Speed Bag Platform – In Summary

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Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag
A Title Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bag in size Medium was used for testing this platform.


    • Honestly I don’t know how Tom is accepting orders now. Historically, he has been available on Instagram – but only offers the swivels for sale when batches are available.

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