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SPEED BAG ANNUAL GATHERING 2021 – Official Event Agenda

I’m proud to say Speed Bag Labs is a sponsor of the world’s only gathering of speed bag punching enthusiasts. We missed last year’s event due to COVID – but this year will be bigger and better than ever. Here’s details of the official agenda for the Speed Bag Annual Gathering 2021. Leave a comment below if you have questions, or check out the Speed Bag Annual Gathering Facebook Group. When The main event is Friday, July 9th and Saturday, July 10th, 2021. There will be informal activities on Thursday, July 8th and Sunday, July [Read More…]

Title Boxing Black Speed Bag 2 Review (3)
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Title Black Speed Bag 2.0 Review

Let’s review the new from Title Boxing. Since 1872, the speed bag has been fundamental in boxing training. Punching a speed bag helps in an athlete’s timing, hand speed, and hand-to-eye coordination. It also develops the fighter’s focus, coordination, and tempo, all crucial to boxing and combat sports. Speed bag training also increases shoulder and arm muscles, and it also teaches athletes to keep their hands up persistently. Here are some of the styles we are going to look at: Title Black Speed Bag 2.0 – Video Review on our YouTube Channel Here’s my really [Read More…]

What's the best speed bag size? Let's find out!
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Best Speed Bag Size

What’s the best speed bag size? It depends – what are your training goals? While there’s no easy answer to this question – we can give you a tour of different size speed bags to help you make the decision. Title Boxing Super Speed Bags are some of the toughest speed bags with a super-fast lightweight leather construction that will offer you the best in striking workouts. They are all leather, with welted seams, reinforced handles, and triple-stitched for extra long-lasting use. Let’s evaluate all the sizes. Here’s some of the speed bags we are [Read More…]

Title Lightning Fast Super Swivel -with Title Super Speed Bag
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How Many Calories Does Punching the Speed Bag Burn?

How many calories can you burn punching the speed bag? I decided to do a test – and here’s the answer. Punching the speed bag can burn anywhere from 38 to 61 calories per 3 minute round. Here’s how I tested: By the way, we used Title Boxing speed bags for this testing, punching on an Arc swivel with a Everlast Adjustable Speed Bag Platform. Not only are the Title speed bags very good, but they are also available in a full range of sizes, from 7″ x 4″ all the way to 12″ x [Read More…]

rack for speed bag platforms
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Speed Bag Rack

As I mention in many of my videos I hang my speed bag platforms on a free-standing rack. Why? It’s free-standing – so there’s no vibration into the walls or roof. It’s easy to add, remove, or re-arrange platforms – which I do frequently. It’s portable – because the whole thing is rough cedar 4″x4″ and 2″x4″ boards held together with 1/2″ bolts. Occasionally, people ask for plans or construction details. I’ve built several of these, for a variety of reasons, and honestly never did it in a very methodical fashion. Beyond that, I will [Read More…]