The world’s only gathering of speed bag punching enthusiasts is going to be bigger and better than ever for 2022.

Here’s details of the official agenda for the Speed Bag Annual Gathering 2022.

Leave a comment below if you have questions, or check out the Speed Bag Annual Gathering Facebook Group.


The main event is Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th, 2022.

There will be informal activities on Thursday, July 7th and Sunday, July 10th – but all formal activities will be concluded by 1 pm on Sunday.


Real Gymm
1 American Legion Dr
Keyport NJ



This event is open to the public – and it’s family-friendly so bring your spouse and kids. All experience levels are welcome – we love beginners!

There is no need to sign-up or pre-register – just show up at Real Gymm in July!

How Much?

We will be asking for a small donation from each bag puncher to support our charity donation for the year: Wounded Warrior.

What Will We Do?

This is a convention of speed bag punchers – we’ll punch the speed bag and have a lot of fun from dawn until dusk – and beyond. We are also returning to a semi-structured format this year, with the following events:

  • Speed Bag Equipment Showcase– We’ll have a wide variety of swivels, bags, and platforms for you to try out first-hand.
  • Speed Demon Punch Contest – Think you are fast on the bag? Put your skills to the test in our Speed Demon punch contest.
  • Charity Raffle – We’ll raffle off a lot of the equipment used at the event to raise money for a non-profit charity organization.
  • Speed Bag Symphony – For the first second time ever, we’re going to have a group punch drumming event. We’ll publish a playlist shortly and get ready to learn how fun it is to punch to the beat of some great music.

What else? Meet some of the best speed baggers in the world, trade tips, and info, get your Speed Bag Bible signed by Alan Kahn. No matter what you are doing – I guarantee you’ll have a good time.

Detailed Agenda

Thursday, 7/7/2022

The gym is open – feel free to stop by and chat. This will be a setup day – where new platforms are hung, equipment is moved, swivels refurbished, etc.

Friday, 7/8/2022

8am – Gym is open. We’ll be getting all the platforms setup (WE NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP!)

2pm – Speed Bag Symphony Rehearsals – We’ll have a short “punch drumming” class and practice time for this event that will happen on Day 2.

5pm : Speed Demon Practice session

We will have a serious speed demon competition on Day 2. This will be planning a standardized swivel bag / setup and making two units accessible for practice. During this practice session, we will let people warm-up and prepare for the actual competition and ensure all the equipment is working.

7pm : Dinner Reservation at McDonagh’s Pub and Restaurant (Around the corner)

9pm – Onwards – Back at Real Gymm for punching late into the night!

Saturday, 07/9/2022

9am – Come join the fun early , the gym will be open.

1pm : Charity Raffle Ticket Sales Open. How do you get a raffle ticket? For every $20 donation to our WOUNDED WARRIOR Campaign, you’ll receive a raffle ticket. See Betsy – who will be at the gym, on the 3rd floor to get your raffle tickets. You’ll need to show your ONLINE DONATION RECEIPT.

2pm Speed Bag Symphony – We will be publishing a “playlist” of speed bag punchable songs soon – the ideas is to get EVERYONE on a bag (that wishes to be involved punching in time to the music) – and video tape it etc. This event will be videoed for sharing.

3pm – GROUP PHOTO – Be at the gym for a BIG GROUP PHOTO SESSION!

4pm – Guest speaker from WOUNDED WARRIOR – Christopher H

4pm – Speed Demon competition – We will have a speed demon formal competition with a PRIZE. We will do the 1:00 countdown maximum number of punches. This event will be videoed for sharing.

5pm – Charity raffle. We will randomly pick winners of items. All donations go direct to WOUNDED WARRIOR.

7pm : Dinner Reservation at McDonagh’s Pub and Restaurant (Around the corner)

9pm – Open bag punching back at the gym. We typically punch late past midnight!

Sunday 7/10/2022

10 AM – Group breakfast at Lenora’s (Walking Distance from Real Gymm)

12 Noon -Tear down/clean up/ etc.


Leave a comment below if you have questions, or check out the Speed Bag Annual Gathering Facebook Group.